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Emu Slaughtering and Oil Processing Units in Andhra Pradesh

1. Vileena Processing unit Nuziveedu, Vijayawada.

2. KEPPL Processing unit Krishna district.

3. Vijayawada Oil Processing Unit Nidadavole West Godavari.

4. Jedcherla Oil Processing Unit Hyderabad.


About Emu Meat:

* Emu meat is a tasty, pleasing red meat, and packed with protein.

* Emu meat is 97% fat free.

* Emu meat is high in iron and vitamin B12 and low in calories and cholesterol

* Wilderness Emu Ranch emus are raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones

* The American Heart Association recently included emu meat in its listing of heart-healthy

* The tenderness and texture of emu meat enable it to be prepared in a variety of ways. It is best prepared lightly grilled, pan fried, or saluted.

Emu Market Plan

The potential of emu ranching will be based on consumer demand for both emu meat and oil products. Recent test markets indicate that there is a large potential for consumer demand of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products made from the emu’s oil. It has been estimated that if the current total population of emus that exist in the India today were slaughtered for meat and oil products, it would meet only 10% of today’s market demand for these products. Estimations indicate that consumer demand for emu products will far surpass the emu population, even ten to twenty years into the future.

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